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Who We Are

Fotonic Capture is a profession jewellery photography studio, and we are ideally located in the heart of Birmingham’s famous ‘Jewellery Quarter’. Did you know that the Jewellery Quarter produces 40% of all of the jewellery that is made in the United Kingdom? We have the perfect location to perfect the art of jewellery product shots.


What We Do

Jewellery product photography is a form of art that needs to reflect the beauty of high quality jewellery. We hold over 15 years in providing precise e-commerce photography and videography. Our speciality is jewellery photography, and creative still life photography.


Jewellery Photography

360° Rotations


Portable photography studio available, can be operated in your office of factory. Discounts and free pick up and return delivery of your goods on larger orders. For more information on our services please emcall on 0757 777 8708


Our Fees

Less than 10 photos - Contact us for quote

11-50 photos - from £12 per photo

51-100 photos - from £11 per photo

100+ photos - Contact us for quote


Our Work

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Call us on 0757 777 8708 to discuss your shoot or to request a quote.